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Investigating The Interaction Between People With The...

The purpose of observational methods is to investigate the interaction between people with the surrounding built environment, thus when researching food marketing along Ecclesall Road, the aim of the observation was to see whether restaurants with different marketing techniques attracted contrasting demographic profiles. While observing the marketing techniques and customer base, photographs were taken that documented the feature of interest, including whether outside seating facilities were being used and how the menu was presented to potential customers. This highlighted weaknesses associated with observation, firstly although the observation was performed after 17:00 on a weekday evening when people finish work and dine, most of the restaurants observed were very empty, with some appearing closed to the public. Consequently, the aim of the observation could not be achieved, as there were too few customers to make note of demographics. Thus photographs, an integral part of observation, could not illustrate how successful the marketing was being and whether it was increasing trade. The images could not capture movement or change, meaning as soon as one restaurant had been observed, customers could have entered but the researchers remained oblivious. Another weakness of the method, as a result of cameras being used, was that the covert nature of the observation was breached. As a consequence of restaurant owners seeing people taking photographs of their property, theyShow MoreRelatedScience And Art Of Nature1240 Words   |  5 PagesFor thousands of years, humans have utilized the natural environment for nearly all aspects of life. As we progressed as a species, We have become obsessed with expressing our ingenuity through our technologies, particularly infrastructure. As our structures were made bigger and â€Å"better†, the disconnect between our built environment and natural world has become more apparent. While these conventional buildings helped establish our current status of our society, recent shortcomings in their designsRead MoreEvolution Of Gesture And Vocal Communication1538 Words   |  7 PagesSimilarities and differences between human and primate vocalizations can be studied for comparative research and holds a great prospective to elucidate the evolutionary processes that formed human language and speech. Humans and primate, both communicate through a language which is unique to them and vocal behavior and gestures are an important trait that both the species possess. Primates also utilize this ability of vocal communication and gestures in their social environment, be it to alert their ownRead MoreStrategies Used By Elementary Schoolchildren Solving Robotics Based1658 Words   |  7 Pagesstudents’ behavior and approval. In cooperation with the Makarere University and department of education, computer science teachers in GISU Kampala campus held a workshop program in which K-12 teachers built and programmed LEGO robots for the first time. Because of the positive correlation between project-based, hands-on robotics activities and an increased motivation toward STEM subject areas identified by the previously stated studies. It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the shiftRead MoreLife Experience, Education, And Volunteer Experience Essay1984 Words   |  8 Pagesentirety. It is important to look through this broad lens when dissecting social problems and investigating cases where an individual’s well-being is threatened and associating their well-being to a function of society, because a single individual experience may not translate into a societal change that would be nefit the majority living in the community. This makes the practice of skillfully differentiating between the needs of an individual, versus the cost and benefits of the larger public vital. TheRead MoreBecoming A Successful Retail Store Manager For A Large Wireless Company Essay1979 Words   |  8 Pagesentirety. It is important to look through this broad lens when dissecting social problems and investigating cases where an individual’s well-being is threatened and associating their well-being to a function of society, because a single individual experience may not translate into a societal change that would benefit the majority living in the community. This makes the practice of skillfully differentiating between the needs of an individual, versus the cost and benefits of the larger public vital. TheRead MoreThe Evolution of Management Practices and Theories Essay2306 Words   |  10 Pagesconsideration the uncertainty surrounding the construction industry, it is essential paying attention to how people work within an organisation that has set goals that needs to be achieved. To be able to achieve these objectives, it is necessary to understand management relating issues such as culture, motivation, leadership and issues relating like coordinating, planning and controlling. Understanding the way people and organisations work is very vital when it comes to the built environment. As a Quantity SurveyorRead MoreMobile Phones And Its Effect On Different Levels2779 Words   |  12 Pagesthe past two decades. It is estimated that the number of worldwide mobile phone subscribers per 100 inhabitants have jumped from 3 in 1997 to 97 subscribers in 2014 (ITU 2014). While in developed countries mobile phones have exceeded the number of people (BBC 2007), the growth rate of subscribers in developing countries is reported to be the largest (BBC 2005). Mostly due to insufficient landline infrastructure. As a matter of fact, some predicted the â€Å"death† of the landline due to the takeover ofRead MoreTourism Effects on Machu Picchu2592 Words   |  11 PagesHigh in the Andean mountain range, nestled on a ridge between two mountains high above the valley floor below sits the amazing city and archaeological site of Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is about 1400 kilometers south of the Equator on the eastern slope of the Peruvian Andes. The site lies near the head waters of the Amazon River and is on the ridge between two prominent mountain peaks Ââ€" Machu Picchu and Hauyna Picchu Ââ€" about 500 meters above the valley bottom (Wright and Kenneth, 2-3). Machu PicchuRead MoreInternal And External Environment Of Hp2000 Words   |  8 PagesIntr oduction The report is divided into two parts, in the first part the strategic analysis of the company has been conducted by analysing the internal and external environment of HP. The internal analysis of the company is carried out through SWOT analyses, while PESTLE analysis is conducted to observe the external environment of the company. After analysing the situation, a strategy for the company is proposed which can possibly help the company in diversification, geographical expansion, andRead MoreEssay on Tourism Effects on Machu Picchu2509 Words   |  11 Pages High in the Andean mountain range, nestled on a ridge between two mountains high above the valley floor below sits the amazing city and archaeological site of Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is about 1400 kilometers south of the Equator on the eastern slope of the Peruvian Andes. The site lies near the head waters of the Amazon River and is on the ridge between two prominent mountain peaks – Machu Picchu and Hauyna Picchu â€⠀œ about 500 meters above the valley bottom (Wright and Kenneth, 2-3). Machu Picchu

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Women s Portrayal Of Women - 927 Words

My depiction of women in some of the stories showed them as weak and powerless. The women only existed to please people. The characters in the stories portrayed women as tools to use for their own convenience. The stories portray women as sexualized and used by many people. The women never speak out against any rule or regulation; instead, they nod and agree with whatever someone says. Like puppets, the women in these stories only existed for someone to enjoy physically or for them to help someone else gain status or rewards. Many of the women become abused, mentally or physically in some scenarios. I will give some examples of how women get portrayed poorly. In Candide, the men in the story describe the women as sexual objects. To quote Candide, â€Å"Her daughter Cunegonde, aged seventeen, was a ruddy-cheeked girl, fresh, plump, and desirable.† This sentence reveals how women get treated as sexual objects and trophies, and nothing more. The story states that men treated wome n as objects. An example of the objectification of women in Candide arises when Cunegonde got raped, rescued, and then sold as a mistress. After the rescue by Candide, Candide believes Cunegonde now has an obligation to marry him for saving her from the life of a mistress. Even the old woman states that she regrets the loss of her virtue. The old woman says, â€Å"As for myself, I was ravishing, was exquisite, grace itself, and I was a virgin! I did not remain so long; this flower, which had been reservedShow MoreRelatedWomen s Portrayal Of Women Essay1307 Words   |  6 PagesEvil, Underworld it was evident that women were negatively portrayed in films. Examples of such negative roles are that women are hypersexualized, cast in stereotypical roles and are considered less valuable because of age. Even though more films are casting older women, creating less stereotypical and sexually objective roles, the majority of films still capture women in a negative light. First, women in the film are often hypersexualized. In other words, women are often cast in roles which seemRead MoreWomen s Portrayal Of Women Essay981 Words   |  4 PagesWoman’s portrayal has changed over the years. In history, there was times where women were deprived of men s privileges, and fortunately things changed over the years. Men s perception on women has changed over the years as well. In history, women were treated as if they were alive to compliment men, and just be in the background while men thrived. There were â€Å"expectations† that women would have to depict, and stepping out of the ordinary was not respectable. A great way to see the changes of theRead MoreWomen s Portrayal Of Women1952 Words   |  8 PagesIt is strange how one director can convey two entirely different depictions of women. Due to the time period in which Hitchcock filmed Vertigo and Psycho, women had limited capability in regards to what they could do in a film. Women could n ot be action heroes; in fact they were often depicted as damsels in distress. The easiest answer to this sort of prejudice is that it was a reflection of the culture of the 50s and 60s. Although this is partially true, it does not excuse the fact that male directorsRead MoreWomen s Portrayal Of Women2098 Words   |  9 PagesThe portrayal of women in advertisements has changed many times over the years. Women often appear as a sexual object in any kind of advertisement or as an attractive material standing nearby a product. Many companies which include the tobacco industry, alcohol companies as well as clothing and electronic and entertainment industries have used women to reach a target demographic which is typically males between the age of 18-34, in order to sell or market a specific brand. Advertisements objectifyRead MoreWomen s Portrayal Of Women And Their Eras1368 Words   |  6 Pagestheir portrayal of women and their eras. To be feminine was to be the ‘prefectâ⠂¬â„¢ lady and young girls are  taught to submit to authority and matrimony. As a result, women are  regarded as incompatible to their male counterparts. Female roles in literature were to follow the customs of marriage, for marriage meant social success. To be unmarried is considered a failure as a woman, cursed to be a victim of society. Through out this essay we will discuss the mistreatment towards unmarried women and theRead MoreWomen s Portrayal Of Women1865 Words   |  8 PagesWe aren’t trapped in the 1950’s. Women have the right to vote and can be the breadwinner of their families. Television shows should and do portray women as go- getters who aren’t expected to stay home to cook and clean for the families. There is not anything wrong with being a stay at home mom, but it would do women a disservice to only portray them on television as the one who provides for the family. Currently, there are shows on television that present women in various role s that teach about feminismRead MoreWomen s Portrayal Of Women Essay2705 Words   |  11 Pagesabout women in ways that objectify and try to control them because back then women were not given much agency in society. The women that are being portrayed in this type of literature about unrequited love are seen as extremely flat characters who are just the objects of affections for the narrator. This is problematic as it just portrays women as someone for the narrator of the poem to pin over although women are so much more than that. However, there are some authors trying to empower women and acknowledgeRead MoreWomen s Portrayal Of Women Essay1907 Words   |  8 PagesThe portrayal of women in media has never quite aligned with the reality of how women view themselves. Magazine covers are dominated with perfect women, who rarely range in skin diversity or physical appearance in general. They all adorn the same beautiful flowing hair, with the same small dainty facial feature, the si milar waist lines, and wear the same form-fitting clothes that accentuate either their real curves or photoshopped bodies. The insincerity of it all, is when you realize that theseRead MoreMedia s Portrayal Of Women1588 Words   |  7 Pages Media represents males and females by gendering them in different categories. According to a presentation, the author states, â€Å"Media perceives women in a very sexual manner whereas men are symbolized as powerful (Khan). Over and over again, the one thing that the media reveals is that women are very sexual beings. They show that they are only good for taking care of the home and the man is very powerful. For example, the author on the presentation shows a ad that a man is in a life guard outfitRead MoreMedia s Portrayal Of Women1190 Words   |  5 Pageswith appearance and numb to sexism, it comes as no surprise that women are expressing hate for their bodies more than ever before. Mass media’s portrayal of women is one of unatta inable perfection— most models are stick thin with flawless complexions and pearl-white smiles. Consumers are bombarded with images of women being displayed as sex objects, valued for their physical appearance above all else. The evasiveness of media has led women to believe they must resemble the models pictured in advertisements

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Premarital Sex Essay Free Essays

Premarital Sex Premarital sex is defined as when two people begin to engage in sexual intercourse before marriage. In todays society premarital sex has become part of the norm and has been accepted. Many young adults are living together before marriage and engaging in sexual activity. We will write a custom essay sample on Premarital Sex Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now It has become apparent that more people are involving themselves in premarital sex and do not acknowledge that it is an immoral act. Sex has become a symbol for pleasure and is no longer considered sacred in today’s society. I believe sex before marriage should not be accepted and that abstinence should be promoted more. According to civil law, the church/divine law and the teachings we learned in Grade 12 religion class, premarital sex is an immoral behavior that should not be tolerated. Premarital sex has become common and acknowledged in todays society. In the Canadian government there is no law nor criminal offence towards premarital sex. The moral issue of sex before marriage has become critical in society and has become accustomed to peoples lives. â€Å"Canadian survey indicates fewer than one in 10 engaged women in the country agrees with the statement â€Å"sex before marriage is not a good idea. Weddingbells Magazine said its survey of 1,241 people found 8 percent of engaged women agreed with the statement, with only 4 percent saying their strongly agreed, CanWest News Service reported Wednesday† (UPI) This explains how many people do not take premarital sex as a wrong action but instead as a good idea. Very few people follow the moral doings of saving sex before marriage. Since the government does not have a specified law against this act it is not followed nor respected. Society has socially accepted that people, including young teens, are involved in sexual activity before marriage. Society promotes â€Å"safe sex† by engaging the use of birth control and condoms. Society gives the impression that premarital sex is tolerable as long as you’re protected. Sex has become a symbol of lust instead of what it is truly meant for, which is love. Society has taken over the meaning of intimacy and has overwritten it. The media endorses sex through famous artists, television shows as well as music. It has become apparent that most songs underlie the meaning of sex and portray the immoral act. Society constantly sends a bad message to the public causing the increase of premarital sex. Today 67% of youth are sexually active before marriage. Teenagers are about as good at contraception as they are at making their beds, doing their homework and doing their chores. Teenage girls have an average of six sex partners in high school. In 1966, 6% of white babies were born out of wedlock, now its up to 25%. In 1967, 22% of black babies were born out of wedlock. Now 66% of black babies are born out of wedlock. â€Å"(Macdonald, D) This proves the increase in sexual activity over the years and how vital it has become in our society. Statistics have increased proving that people mostly do it for pleasure instead of love. The realism is that there is no consequence regarding the law against this decision, which greatly impacts peoples choices. Society continues to acknowledge the immoral behavior causing it to become socially accepted. Premarital sex is looked upon as a sin in regards to the Catholic Church. Growing up most were always told that abstinence was a must and marriage was not acceptable if purity wasn’t present. Sex before marriage is referred to as fornication in the Bible. As Christians, The Bible is a primary source that we look to for guidance. The Bible teaches us the teachings of God as well as the sins. Premarital sex is a sin when we refer to the Bible. In the Bible it states, â€Å"Now the body is not for fornication, but for the Lord; and the Lord for the body. Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without (outside) the body; but he that commiteth fornication sinneth against his own body. â€Å"(1 Corinthians 6:13). This means that as Christians we should use our body in ways to glorify God. By committing the act of fornication we are committing a sin and are considered as evil. According to God, sex is supposed to be meant for reproduction and love, not for pleasure and lust. The act of sex is behavior that goes against our faith and beliefs. The bible is our standard of what is right and wrong. In the bible it states, â€Å"But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. † (Revelation 21:8). This means that God views the sin of premarital sex as equal to murder, prostitution, and lying. Even though society accepts fornication, it doesn’t mean God does. As Catholics we are to follow his blessings and teachings regardless of society. God wants us to be pure until it is the appropriate time and to flee from our selfish desires. â€Å"Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a man commits are outside his body, but he who sins sexually sins against his own body. Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body† (1 Corinthians 6:18-20). This scripture means that premarital sex is not only a sin against God but it is also a sin against your own body. Our bodies are sacred and pure; once we have sex we loose our purity and wholesomeness. God gave us our body and we are to cherish it and respect his rules by not having sex until marriage. We are to honor God and thank him for the gift of life by becoming abstinent until married. Over the course of the grade 12 semester we learned many things that interchange with the moral reasoning of premarital sex. We learn that having sex before marriage is a maxim, something that we shouldn’t do but people do anyways. Morality is defined as the ways people obtain good through rules and laws. Ethics is defined as the search for the infinite good, which guides to morality. Growing up we learn different morals and values that we are supposed to respect and follow. Abstinence is something we learn to follow based on our religious beliefs. The morality of premarital sex is that it is wrong and it goes against our morals. Our ethics and morality is supposed to lead us to happiness and good and it is said that if we disobey the value of abstinence then we will not reach this goal. We also learned about Sigmund Freud and the three parts of our unconscious mind. When people have sex before marriage â€Å"the id† is in recognition. This part of the mind focuses on the pleasure principle and our strong desires. People are not concerned with the consequences but instead acting upon their satisfaction. When Christians have premarital sex they may form a guilty conscience. Knowing that they have disobeyed the laws of their faith they form a â€Å"well formed conscience†. A well-formed conscience is formed through Church, Scriptures and Community and usually entails recognizing ones own guilt from past wrong doings. One has a conscience knowing that they have committed a sin and went against God’s teachings. Our conscience helps us show that we recognize our wrong doings and know that we violated the church scriptures. In conclusion premarital sex has been proven that it is an immoral act and should not be accepted. There is no civil law or offence against it which makes it that much more common in society. Society promotes safe sex causing an increase in premarital sex. Society sends a sinful message to the public, impacting their decision about sex. The church boldly represents premarital sex as a sin and recognizes it as evil. According to God, sex is supposed to be meant for reproduction and love, not for pleasure and lust. We are to save our sacred bodies for marriage and anything before is referred to as disobeying God as well as your body. Premarital sex goes against our beliefs and morals. The morality of premarital sex is that it is wrong and if we deny that then we will not reach our ultimate happiness. Overall sexual activity is sinful behavior and should be saved until you marry the one special person that you are appropriately able to share your body with. Works Cited â€Å"Life is Sacred. † 16 March 2004. www. troubledwith. com/Web/groups/public//@fotf_troubledwith/docume nts/articles/ ? Macdonald, David. What’s wrong with sex before marriage? Why Choose Chastity? † October 6, 2011. http://www. davidmacd. com/catholic/chastity. htm Mcllhaney, Joe S. , Jr. M. D. â€Å"Testimony of Joe S. Mcllhaney, Jr. , M. D. † 16 March 2004: 3- 8. 23 April 2002. www. medinstitute. org/media/testimony. htm â€Å"Poll: Premarital sex OK with Canadians†, June 9, 2010. http://ww w. upi. com/Odd_News/2010/06/09/Poll-Premarital-sex-OK- with-Canadians/UPI-77871276111501/ â€Å"The Benefits of Chastity Before Marriage. † 17 March 2004. www. foreverfamilies. net/xml/articles/benefitsofchastity. aspx How to cite Premarital Sex Essay, Essays

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Mary Shelleys Use of Subtitles in Frankenstein free essay sample

Mary Shelleys notion of beginning Frakenstein came out to be greater than just an evenings amusement as a horrifying story. It probed many socio-political context of the prevalent society and also probed many hidden female voices even though all the female characters are under a silent garb. The title itself speaks volumes about the text which is to follow;multiplicity which is reverberated throughout,which is highly seen in its inter-texuality feature a prominent gothic element. The subtitle modern prometheus in a sense links the old greek myth to the modern world or is trying to give a new comparitive picture to the modern world. As the legend has it,Titan created humankind out of mud and water and then he dared to steal the fires from God for the benifit of humankind. He was punished by an anry zeus. By adding the word modern before it, Mary Shelley is puting forth comparison ofthe two. We will write a custom essay sample on Mary Shelleys Use of Subtitles in Frankenstein or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page According t the Romantics,Prometheus was a hero both in his capacity as a creator and a rebel, Mary shelley would have been well acquainted with this idea, one the greatest romantics of the age,was married to her. So in a sense the act of Prometheus can also be celebrated for having the courage to steal the fire from gods,for the benifit of humanity. This juxtaposition on the title page is seen to be in action throughout the novel. Other than this , it also carries an epigraph from miltons much celebrated work paradise lost. he quoted words invites intertextual analysis and echo a questioning voice, which is another repeated trope in the novel. The anguished and questioning voice of the fallen adam to the highest authority, though he is in no sense defying it like prometheus but it mirrors the questions putup by the creature to his creator. So in a view creator is also criticised for the creation he created irresponsibly.

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Language Cultural Diversity and the War on Terror essays

Language Cultural Diversity and the War on Terror essays Cultural awareness and the careful use of language and rhetoric have enhanced the global war on terrorism. Language is a powerful tool that can either act to demonize the enemy or to increase the understanding of the enemy through cultural awareness. Cultural awareness itself is a powerful tool in the arsenal against terrorism, as it allows for the better understanding of the enemy, thus enhancing the effort on the global war on Perhaps one of the most important and inherent dangers in the war on terror is the prospect of demonizing and oversimplifying the enemy. Dan Rather, famous anchor and managing editor of CBS News, illustrates the danger of such an approach. In answer to David Letterman's question, "Why do these people hate us'", Rather responded, "They're evil" (cited in Corliss, 2001). In Rather's defense, the interview took place shortly after the tragedy of September 11th, and he was likely overwhelmed with shock and grief. Nonetheless, his answer does illustrate both the power of language and a lack of cultural awareness on our understanding about the war on terror. Traditional military terms like Charlie (describing the Viet Cong), (Wikipedia) are also examples of the use of language to distance us from the enemy as individuals. Rather's sort of rhetoric is dangerous, as it serves to dehumanize our enemies and portray them as completely evil and ourselves as entirely righteous. Notes Fedler (2001), "When we totally dehumanize our enemies, the terrorists, once again, have won." In doing this, those fighting the war on terrorism are "drawn into the simplistic dualism of the terrorists who see themselves as totally righteous and all Americans as totally evil" Crucial in combating such dualism is the concept of cultural awareness. Further, cultural awareness gives America the benefit of a better understanding of the motivations and subtext ...

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What to Do If Your College Friend Is Bullied

What to Do If Your College Friend Is Bullied In this article we’re going to take a look at some â€Å"safe plays† you can depend on should a bullying issue come up with someone you’re close to. These days it’s no joke. Our point here is to make sure you’re informed and you can cover your freaking ass as well. And, with that said let’s get right to it. 1 Examine Whether It’s an Isolated Incident or an Issue Honestly, saying the word â€Å"bully† these days on campus is like saying â€Å"bomb† on an airplane. People don’t just go throwing it around or jumping to conclusions. If your friend hasn’t been roughed up physically, then take the time to evaluate the matter closely. Was is coincidental or situational in nature? Is it likely to happen again, or has it been going on for a while? Is your friend overreacting†¦honestly? Furthermore, the last thing you want to do is to cause a bunch of drama or potentially label someone a bully only to find out that it was all just a big misunderstanding. And secondly, people today need to be a little more resilient. Sometimes these situations are points in the road that define our characters. Confrontations, if they don’t get violent, are a part of life. If it’s an issue, confront your friend about it. If a serious physical, emotional, psychological or verbal abuse is taking place, then you need to confront not the bully, but your friend about it. What’s up? How long has this been going on? How serious is it? Why haven’t they stood up for themselves yet, or if they have, why haven’t they sought help up to this point? Let’s be honest, many times it’s the weaker that get picked on. Weaker in many different senses of the word, not just physically. This type of treatment wears down on us and takes its toll, especially when we’re younger. 2 Figure Out If It’s Possible to Confront the Bully Without Making Things Worse No, you shouldn’t â€Å"confront† anyone on a social media channel. That’s just downright childish. Confrontations should ideally happen in controlled and safe or public environments where a physical encounter (otherwise known as big trouble) can be avoided. Is it possible to simply confront this person and in the matter of fact ask, â€Å"Why are you bullying me/my friend?† Put them on the spot. Don’t be afraid to confront them publically if they are indeed a bully and no one has had the guts to do it yet. Oftentimes this can be the wakeup call that â€Å"bullies† which are human being too, need. But, if it’s likely to cause trouble or just doesn’t seem like the smart play then avoid the person or group and skip to the next strategy. There’s no reason to put your or your friends safety at risk. If the goal is revenge, or is anger-based then step back and take a deep breath. These days is this really something you want to risk? Colleges are deathly afraid of bad press, and bullying is a paramount issue that no colleges want to be attached to. 3 Take Advantage of Any College Mediation Counselors or Services Chances are your college has mediation counselors and services that can pretty much take care of the situation for you. They’ll arrange the confrontation in a highly controlled environment. 9 times out of 10 mediation services get things worked out without more trouble. And, there’s absolutely no shame in turning to them. Again, â€Å"bullying† is like kryptonite. Everyone wants to avoid it. These people are trained to solve problems. If you’re a freshmen or sophomore living in dorms there’s probably a mediation counselor for your dorm. Regardless, the perpetrator will know afterwards that they’re on watch and their college career is now â€Å"on the radar† so make sure that contacting mediation services is warranted. 4 Don’t Even Think About Retaliating in a Way That Will Create a Much Bigger Problem To be blunt, the cops could so easily get involved and if they do then you’re in for some serious trouble if you’re a part of the shenanigans. And here’s the elephant in the room: school shootings. The sad fact is that they’re way too common these days they’re oftentimes connected to some form of bullying. No one’s saying you’ll do anything like that, but if you or your friend start talking tough or saying retarded things about retaliating someone is likely to take you at your word, call the cops and you could have a full-on swat team invade your dorm room. This is serious! Don’t retaliate. Be an adult and do things the right way. And, if your friend is out looking for trouble that could jeopardize your life and your goals, then maybe you should reexamine your friendship? What do you think?

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Identify the different Types of Charters available to contract a Assignment

Identify the different Types of Charters available to contract a vessel, and briefly explain the salient features of the different Types of Charters identified above - Assignment Example rouping of contract, a bare-boat charter, the vessel owner rents the intact platform, and the charterer has the liability of in service it as even though it were his possess ship. As the name entails, the bare ship is constricted. The vessel possessor has dispose of influence of the vessel in hold up of the phase together with this through the charter gathering.2 The charterer pays the intact operating expenditure petroleum, supplies, necessities, port dues, pilot age, and so on, as well as makes use of and pays the team. Though, there possibly will be a segment in the contract gathering that is the master and the leader engineer have to be accepted by means of the vessel proprietor. Party is an expected marine expression and is identical by means of agreement or contract. 3 Contract and charter are different kinds of agreement plan assignment choices which a supplier offers. User holds out vessel; user functions plan tasks. Unusually a second customer offers vessel; customers takes out suppliers teams program assignments and functions. Contractor performs plan assignments choices contractor offers. User performs vessel and functions plans missions it. Contractor achieves program turnkey.4 The charterer is accountable for the continuation, conservation, and security of the vessel. Previous to release to the charterer, the ship is inspected through representatives of mutually social gatherings and the similar is prepared on redelivery. The contracts parties’ will stipulate that the ship has to be redelivered in the similar high quality arrangement and situation as transported, by means of exemption of usual carry and shared. Contractor functions ship offers through customer choices and are differences by means of the particular differentiation bei ng that the customer, approximately entirely the centralized government, has offered the vessel. There are a number of varied reasons for this understanding. One is a end result of heaviness from office of management and